decision making.

I’m a rather indecisive person in general.  If you ask me what I want to eat, I never know.  I can tell you whether I want to cook or eat fast food.  Aside from that decision I can drive up and down the street changing my mind about what kind of food I want.

But when it comes to life changing decisions or friend/family affecting decisions, I’m pretty good at opting for the right one.  I may be opinionated but I’m pretty apathetic.  I like to think that when I make a decision no one will look at me and say “thanks, that was pretty awful for me”.

What I dont understand are the people who dont think about those around them.  They live their life from one random moment to another never stopping to contemplate how the world is affected.

We learned it in grade school.  who what when where and how?

Who is this gonna affect?
What will they think?
When does this really have to happen?
Where will I be in relation to the effects incurred?
How important really is this?

5 Questions.  Not set in stone of course.  But being self centered never really got anyone anywhere.  I know people are dumb but if we would just apply the things we learned in grade school we might not be so ignorant!!


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