So I know there is debate all over the internet and across the world on tipping.  As you’ve heard I’m a server/bartender so I obviously care about the topic.

I hate when restaurants add a gratuity to big parties, but after the parties in my restaurant tonight I understand why they opt to do so.  If I am at a restaurant that adds a gratuity it upsets me.  If my party is large enough that you feel the need to set a gratuity chances are we know how to tip.  I dont eat with people who dont understand how it works because that offends me as a server.  So setting a gratuity for me [who typically tips no less than 20% and more frequently 30-40% depending on the tab and how difficult we were and the quality of service received] hurts no one but the server.  It is an insult to my intelligence and my title as a server to tell me what I have to tip and unless the server has no control over it, I refuse to add to the restaurant required gratuity.

Tonight however, I watched 3 parties of 8 or more basically stiff their servers and walk away proud to have taken care of us like they did.  My particular restaurant never adds a gratuity, our system isn’t set up for it.  So we ran out little tails off for about 8% or less, leaving us frustrated with our jobs and hating the general public.

I think gratuity should be an option decided by the server for larger parties.  You can generally tell whether or not a big party will be worth your time.  Maybe thats judgemental, but its the cold hard truth.  And if your offended by that statement, chances are you dont know how to tip.


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