make believe

so i’m at a crossroads with my belief in people.  i firmly believe that people in general are good and that the possibility of darker forces making people do bad things or at least instilling the need to corrupt in them is very much present.  but when the corruption and the lies hurt you time and time again why don’t you learn.

i was taught that you learn from your mistakes, and i have.  time and time again.  always different mistakes.  but i always walk away with more wisdom that i started.  so why doesn’t everyone else?

why lie and cheat and decieve if you can see who you’re hurting or feel the hurt lay upon your own chest?  as the days pass i become more cynical and more bitter while i watch the people around me destroy and corrupt and travel thru life quicker than a tornado in a trailerpark.

i just don’t understand.  and i’m a worrier and a stressful person by nature, so i fear my lack of understanding is the root of my chronic insomnia.  maybe i’m just paranoid.  or too high strung.  but i dont think…

i duunno.  more later tonight.


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