After a crazy crazy couple months and the last two weeks being absolutely unbareably spastic, I realize how important structure in my life is.

My work schedule has been outta wack for about a month now and its been throwing my personal life for a loop as well.

I’m still quitting smoking but I kinda fell off the wagon these last two weeks. 
My house is a mess, but its getting back to normal as well.
I FINALLY put away the Christmas decorations.

So the next two days are gonna be spent trying to put my sanity back together…[yes guys i do have some sanity, not much but there is some in there somewhere] and catching up with friends I havent really had time for.

I joke about how I’m really a 40 year old woman inside, but looking at how crazy the last month or so has been for me mentally and comparing it to how somewhat structured my life normally is, I might really be 20 years older mentally than I’m supposed to be;  I certainly have the arthritis and CRS syndrome.

Now I just need to work on building a psychological support system for myself.  A network of people that check up on me when things are falling apart.  I tend to be that for a lot of people, but it’d be nice to have that reality check for myself sometimes.  Problem is finding responsible, non-crazy people.  Well not really non-crazy but people who manage their crazy well.


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