Thanks be to God.

I’m learning that I’m not alone.  I always new I was different.  I always knew that something was coming.  In the past 5 months, a new world has been opened up to me.  A world where not only am I not alone but some character traits that I have are really coming into perspective and displaying purpose.

Its a very lonely world when you have to fight your battles alone;  but when kindred spirits come out of hiding, its refreshing in an undescribeable way.  So I’d like to pay a few thank you’s to people who should know who they are without calling them out.

*Thank you, for bailing me out when I was stubborn enough to think I didn’t need help.  Thank you for being my strong but silent supporter;  for being here when nothing needs to be said;  for being the gentleman that every woman needs;  and most of all for being my friend.  Its amazing where the bonds of friendship are found and formed.  Even more amazing what curvy roads friendship takes us down.  Lots of love.

*Thank you for allowing us to become what we are.  Thank God for seeing us and putting us in the right places.  You have been an unbelieveable relief in my life.  A shoulder to hold me up and a breath a fresh air when I needed one.  Thank you for being a teacher when you didn’t know you were being one.  Thank you for not building a wall between us, but instead creating a breezeway to connect us.  I could go on forever, I owe so many thanks to you.  Thanks that I’m not sure you would understand.  I love you more than you know and I’m so happy to be here with you.

*Thank you for seeing the truth and accepting what so many are blinded by.  Thank you for being awake when someone needed to be;  for staying silently understanding when thats what was needed;  for your love, appreciation, gratitude, understanding, acknowledgement, patience and most of all for just you.  Between you and another, I’m sure this is where I was being led.  I owe you and I love you.

*Thank you for keeping up with me even though our paths have separated us.  God knows I’m not good at keeping up, but you somehow keep up with me.  Thank you for our past, our experiences, your friendship and so much more.  I do love you trully like a sister.

*Most importantly, thank You.  You have been a blinding guiding light all these years.  I never noticed it until I turned down the right road.  I know now where You were leading me and I hope and pray that I can continue to travel with our family for years to come.  Thank You for molding my differences, coaching me to understand and planting amazing  people in my life.  You trully are amazing and I love You.


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