I sat down with a friend recently who keeps telling me how talented I am and how much I could be doing.  The conversation was rather complicated as it really hit home for me.

I’ve never had anyone really push me to do anything.  My mom pushed me to do what made me happy.  She didn’t push me into college or marriage or home ownership or entrepreneurship;  she encouraged me to be happy and assertive.  Its thanks to my dear mother that I am who I am.  I’ve always done what makes me happy and I’ve never let anyone walk on me.  That being said, however, my education was never pushed to the top of my list.  I went to college because I had nothing better to do with my time after graduation;  then a man walked into my life.  A man that at the time was everything to me.  I didn’t know how truly naive I was;  but he made me happy and happiness is all I’ve ever really wanted.

Three-ish years later, I realized he wasn’t my everything and that it was young love not true Love and I refused to make the mistake of settling for less that what I wanted and/or deserved.  Now to fast forward to the present, I’ve been doing a lot of coaching, analyzing and thinking in the last six months.  I came across a blog today from an old friend discussing the level of education you get out of what you pay for.

To quote him,  “I have had one philosophy with higher education that a high school teacher once instilled in me: once you reach college, the level of education that you receive is up to you.”

Now if you take that thought and apply it to life, isn’t your success rate comparable?  So I dare to say;  once you become an adult, the level of success you achieve is up to you.

In discussing success, its easy to look at what you haven’t done or what you should have done instead of looking forward to what you are doing.  As I get older I realize success isn’t measured in accomplishments of the financial, educational, or material means;  success is measured in your personal happiness.  Friends and family are the hardest objects to obtain and maintain as you age and I am by far one of the most successful people I know in that area.

Day to day I do think about where I’m going and what I’m doing.  I’m thankful I have someone to push me because as hard as it is to be pushed, it feels amazing to have someone standing up for you.  I know I’m talented and even though it might not be evident yet, I AM working on it.

But for today, on the subject of success I say..

There ARE things i want to do, things I should have done but at the end of the day I’m happy;  and THAT my friend is the definition of success!


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