There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to stop and decide what is important and what’s not.  Its somewhat safe to say I don’t mean the question of living or dying, working or not, committing a crime or being honest.  The question of importance I’m implying is more that of what stresses you out and what is worth your time or even what is worth the effort.  I, for example, am blessed with a very motherly nature, an insightful nature and an empathetic nature but despite all of that I still have to decide what is worth it and what is not.

For a long time, I let people and situations stress me out because I couldn’t help but lend a hand.  I’m choosier now about what I say or volunteer simply because I know how this stuff affects my psyche.  I thought for many years I was going crazy.  I recently learned that I am not in fact going crazy and I have learned how to organize my psychological craziness.  I’ve also learned that people do not like nor want to hear the truth.

Priorities are more than just paying the bills before spending frivolously.  Priorities are what keep me sane.  Without proper prioritizing my head goes crazy and I shut down.  It happens, just not as much as it did.

We all have choices, its just a question of making them properly.

This is only the top layer of what’s going on and not near what I wanted to write about it.  I’m quite sure how to put it all out there.  Its brewing though.  I guess I’m sitting on simmer right now.  I’m pretty sure there is a full rolling boil in the future.  For now, lets just say I’m here and good questions get proper answers.


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