Its used so many ways.  I just don’t understand why its used on girls.  Yea some girls are self proclaimed, but when your genuinely flirtatious, just flirtatious why does everything have to be about sex.  Why can’t boys and girls hang out without the predetermined decision that they’re gonna get it on?

We’ve all had our moments I’m sure but it seems the older I get the more people are looking for just sex.  I’m not saying I’m a prude but I’m definitely not easy.  What happened to getting to know people and hanging out?  I always thought as I got older the guys would start pushing to settle down but it seems those guys are few and far between.  More and more I’m meeting guys that only wanna get busy.

Once again I guess I’m just frustrated.  I’d like to hang out and have fun not just….yea well. 


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