I believe <3

I believe that we need to believe in Santa and fairies.  These innocent beliefs are what made the world so wonderful when we were small.  Who cares that we are getting older?  Why can’t the world still be a wonderfully amazing but puzzling place?

I know as we get older we discover more complicated mysteries like tact, morals, the human psyche…sorry my sarcasm got the best of me for a minute.  What I’m trying to say is as we grow life becomes complicated and we seem too rushed to bother with the magic of Santa;  moreso sometimes we get too frustrated to deal with the magic I call Love.  We get tied up in our head and how we interact that we forget Love is magic and it happens when we aren’t watching.

I think that we are all secretly searching for perfection.  That moment in time when the clouds part, the stars collide and the world stands still….its a nice thought, isn’t it? 

But I believe that perfect is too strong of a word.  I believe that imperfection is perfect in its details.  I adore the imperfections of those I love, its what makes them perfect to me.  I also believe that the embrace of imperfection is where true Love is born.  I’ve been called a hopeless romantic.  I’ve been told that sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve.   Actually I just love easy.  I believe that love can fix it.

I believe in Santa. I believe in fairies.  And I absolutely believe in Love.  And I Love you.


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