So after a long overdue therapy session with a good friend, I find myself more okay with who I am and what I do and most importantly the people that are in my life.  In the last two years I’ve really learned a lot about myself in areas that I didn’t think I had room to learn.  Older people joke about how our youth think they know it all and they are absolutely right, because as we get older we learn so much about not just the world and people but about ourselves.  My last two years have been spent learning about how and why I stress and building relationships with people who really needed them.  People who needed me and most importantly people I really needed and never knew.  I’ve always been that girl who didn’t need anyone.  I know now I need a lot of people and for different reasons.  More importantly for me to be happy, I need to be able to help;  it makes me complete.

The last two years have been great, but the last six months have really been unbelievably fulfilling.  I have met some amazing people in the last six months.  Some that I knew and really got to re-know and some new ones that just needed something.

Its funny how friendships are formed.  Most of my amazing ones, the people I call family were built out of necessity.  I needed them or they needed me.  I’ve made a new friend, someone I’ve known for about four months now and I really want this friend to stick around.  When something tells you to trust, you do and I’m so glad I did.

People think I’m crazy because I love easy, but I’m not crazy I’m an optimist.  When you feel trust before you should, when you know its right, you care without a second thought.  I’m not talking about being in Love people, that’s a story for another day.  Today I’m just talking about innocent trust and love of one another;  being there when it matters.

I guess you could say “tis the season” but its more than that.  I’m thankful I can love and trust like I do.  I’m more thankful for those who allow me to without thinking I’m crazy.  :)


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