I feel like I should write or shout from the rooftops.  I dunno which or if I should do either.  But can I tell you…  the first week of 2011 has been the best week of my life.  I can’t go into details yet, but for all you faithful followers of my life, know that I’m happy.  Very happy.

As with all things in life, experiences shape who we are.  People shape who we are.  Sometimes its better to experience things or people for a moment than never at all and if the world was to end tomorrow I think I’d be okay with that.  Sure there are things I wanna do, experiences I wanna further explore and people that I still need and want to spend time with.  All I ever wanted was to be happy and right now I am.  I have friends and family that could never be replaced.  I have God, I have trust and understanding, I have successfully led myself to a point that I’m okay with.  I may not have everything  but I have more than most.

I took a chance recently and was rewarded with another wonderful person in my life.  Someone I can trust completely who appreciates me for who I am.  And although circumstances in life can make us question God’s plan and people’s motivation, I am doing neither.  I am beyond appreciative of the people in my life, no matter what circumstances we are under.  I know that my life has a plan and no matter where that plan takes me I will be happy.  I’ve learned that distance doesnt make a difference with those you care about.  I have a friend in Savannah, GA  who know matter how long it is always welcomes me with open arms.  I have family in Windsor, CO who are here for me if only spiritually and over the phone but they are always here.  I have friends and family in Texas even that make me happy to be alive.  Coast to coast, it doesn’t matter.  They say love will always find a way and it will.  No matter if its the big L or the little family one, it’ll find a way.  Love & hope, the story of my life.

Hope for the best, love blindly and happiness will always find you.


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