If Your a Bird, I’m a Bird

Have you ever had someone draw a picture of yourself that no one else could paint?  Tell you exactly what you like or want or are feeling without really having the experience to know you that well?  Or better yet call your feelings before you’re really even sure of them?

Lol, I have.  Let me tell you I was left speechless and we all know I’m rarely ever speechless.  I know sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve but for the most part I’ve always been so good at building walls.  I’m finding more & more my walls are becoming translucent or at least it seems that way.  Or maybe, just maybe as I get older I’m getting better at making judgment calls with those I decide to get close to.

I find myself in a place where my empathetic nature seems to be getting stronger and my building trade is getting weaker.  Maybe I’m fulfilling destiny but I’m not so sure.  It feels like I’m coming to life.  Living a life I’ve watched but never found.

As the days go by I seem to enjoy my life more, breath by breath.  It seems things are finally settling into routine, hopefully a steady routine.  Relationships are becoming clear and long term family members are being defined.

Life seems to happen when you least expect it and every day I find myself smiling more. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds…its gonna be a fun year!


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