A Blast from the Past.

I knew I had it somewhere.  5 years ago, sometime in 2006 I started a blog with   “About 7 years ago, I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a man…”  So now its 2011, I’m 28 years old and so far this has been one of the best years of my life.  As I read through this 12 year old blog, I decided it was time to share it again, since nothing has changed…

About 7 years ago, I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a man.  Well what I thought I wanted in a man at the time, although I dont think my standards have changed much.

I tried to think about what I want and I am not sure.  I know I want someone taller than me and a little older than me, or at least my age.  My shallow side wants someone I am proud to show off but who is a good enough man to satisfy my intelligent side.

He should be a gentleman and understand what a privilege it is to call a woman his own.  He should be strong minded and strong willed but not pig headed and stubborn, at least not all the time.  Its nice to see some anger every now and then it shows that we are human.  Knowing when and where to be an asshole and for how long is very important; but i need him to be a bit of an asshole sometimes too.

He needs to be silly too.  I dont ever want to grow up, I want someone to be silly with me well into my 80’s.  Someone who will argue with me without getting angry.  Because when I want to fight, damn it, i want to fight and you better fight with me.  He should be ticklish and love to tickle fight.  Because as much as I fight it, I loved to be tickled.  Tickle fights are the best.

He should be trustworthy and trusting.  Because I am not a cheater, so he shouldnt be either.  He needs to be independent enough to let me go have my play time with my girlfriends no matter how slutty I am dressed and have no doubt in his mind that I am coming home to him & only him.  And likewise he should give me no reason to doubt him when he goes and plays out with his guy friends.

Someone who needs me but not too much.  The conversation should be good too.  Because if we cant hold a conversation now then how will we be able to for the next 50 years.  Yes I said 50 years, I want to be one of those couples who can say they have been together that long without killing each other.  Those couples amaze me because true and lasting Love is hard to find.  I dont ever want divorce.  I dont want to make it thru 3 divorces to find at 45 I have finally found the love of my life.  I went thru my parents divorce at 13 and although it was a calm one, I dont ever want my children to go thru that.

I want someone who will dance in the rain with me and listen to the thunderstorm.  Someone I have no questions about bringing home to my momma because I know she will love him.  But who is still wild enough for me to have a damn good time with.  He should be a dork sometimes too, just because its cute.  If your perfect & ‘smooth’ all the time, its just no fun.  He should be able to make me laugh @ any moment.

And when I find him, I’ll know it because he will get in my head without my permission.  He’ll know how to get to me just right.  The scary part is, he will know that too.


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