Just a thought.

When I got in my car tonight to leave work US101 was playing Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You (when the world stop turning)” and I realized at that moment that it was midnight, which made it officially September 11, 2011, the 10 year anniversary of the attacks on our country. Now I’m not much for stopping the whole world because of the anniversary. I think that we should be thinking and thanking and praying everyday, because I know personally that if you were old enough to remember this day, you will never ever forget exactly where you where when this tragedy struck. I can give you elaborate details about where I was when this occurred and I will never forget because it was a very emotional and tragic crisis for our country. However, with this thought in mind, I feel the need to express some thoughts that have been running through my jumbled little mind.

Over the last ten years, a lot of things have changed for me. I have supplemented my life with people I now cannot live without. I learned a long time ago, that its very important to love and cherish everything you have. And ten years ago, I had an idea of who I was and what I wanted, but compared to now, I was just a scared little teenager trying to be an adult. I know now that its very important for a person to know exactly who they are and what they want before they can ever succeed in absolute happiness.

I have been more than blessed in the family and friends department. But I’ve learned recently that what I’ve learned in the last ten years apparently is rare. I’ve learned that people older than me are still trying to figure it out and trampling people along the way. So my words of wisdom for the day are, find out who you are and what you want, find it, love it, protect it, and cherish it.

Life only happens once. I believe that we should love, pray and smile everyday. We should never forget those who fight for what they believe in, whether they are the ones who protect our country in times of crisis like nine eleven or those in our immediate surroundings who fight for peace and love in our everyday interactions. Courage is hard to find and should be appreciated. Love is even more important and sometimes you have to fight for what you Love, but its worth it in the end.

I think that Love cures all. So I ask you today, do you have Love like you wanted? If yes, then cherish it. If no, find it…it’ll make your life complete.


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