Its been a while.

I can’t believe its been almost a year since my last post. So much has happened and changed. I’ve grown and learned and loved. So much is fixing to change again. So lets start with change. This is gonna be a mouthful [consider yourself warned].

Almost 5 years ago, I met someone who at the time was just a someone, involved in life and riding the wave that is the bigger plan. I have memories of this someone but they are vague. Another person to add to my book of people that I know. More memories to add to my collection of people who have changed me even if it was in a tiny tiny way. It was a time of change in my life. I was both lost and found. I was closing one chapter of my life and trying desperately to open a new one. I had been through so much emotionally, I was just looking for change. Change, something that I rarely ever seek out, but I needed it. I was in my mid 20’s and had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. So I settled for making friends and having fun…and boy did I. The last 4ish years have been some of the most fun in my life. Yes, it was just a job, but it came with a plethora of people that I never would have found in any other field, I was officially part of the restaurant world.

In that restaurant, I’ve made not just friends but family. People who have seen me happy, angry, upset. They’ve seen me at my best and my worst and they still love me. I’m beyond grateful for that. Between that restaurant and Facebook, I happened to find my little slice of the happiness pie. Those 3 little magic words…”hey girl hey”. It was pretty much history from there. Sounds like 3 douche-bag words, I know…but there is a story there, a story for another day. A story that does not describe a douche-bag. But today I’m not writing a love story. I’m writing of friendship & change, gratitude & sorrow.

Many people have came in and out of my life in the last four years through that restaurant. From each I learned something, whether it was about them, me or life in general. When you listen to peoples stories and partake in their lives, you walk away with experience that you couldn’t have gained from another other single place. For that experience, I’m eternally grateful. I’m also grateful for the family I’ve gained and I hope never to lose. The older I get, as people marry off and have babies, I’ve lost them in a sense. Not intentionally of course, but life takes its turns and forks and we get wrapped up in our own lives.

So here is to each of you, past and present. For the memories you helped me create, for the laughs and tears we shared, for the last four wonderful years of my life. Everyday people, places & events remind me of you. I witnessed Love like I’d never seen before. Heartbreak like I never wanna experience. I’ve cried as my best girlfriend moved away. Seen drama that I never knew was possible. Corruption between four walls that were like family. I’ve seen the bonds of friendship form over anger and happiness. We’ve brought children into this world and comforted each other as loved ones passed on. I cant possible describe the amazing memories Ive taken away from this restaurant experience.

Now my life is taking a turn for the “i thought i’d never get here”. I’m moving. Not to escape, not because I need a fresh start, not because I need away from any of you. I found Love and I’m not letting it go. I thought it was impossible, I thought I’d missed the boat. I was wrong. Its out there.

So many people I know have mixed emotions about me moving. Happy for me but sad to see me go. We’ve all experienced this. I say, its Kentucky not France. I’m only one state away and we are all adults. Sounds like vacationing opportunities. I have family everywhere. Florida, Georgia, Texas, Maine and Kentucky. I have an insta-girlfriend in Hawaii and a second Mom in Germany. Distance doesn’t mean squat. Family & friendship isn’t bound by directional coordinates and I’ll be damned if some high gas prices keep me from seeing those I love. So I’m getting my teary eyed moment out of the way now. I wanna spend my last week in Chattanooga having fun with the people I love. After all, I am but a compilation of all the people I’ve met.

Here’s to family, friends & new adventures. Oh and here’s to Love too. :)


One thought on “Its been a while.

  1. Nicole. You are beautiful. Strong. Loving. You have been one of the wonderful things about the last 4 four years of my life. You are someone I can always count on, someone to laugh with, and cry on. You have been a sister, and a best friend for me. I wish you so much luck with your new adventure. Change is the only thing in this life that will keep happening. Embrace it. The miles mean as much as you let them, and I will see you soon. I mean it. :)

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