I think I really had my first full blown housewife moment today when I googled how to wash our pillows. I went from bartender living a long distance relationship to jumping in head first with wife/step-mom duties. Now before you laugh or judge, that is not by any means a complaint. And no I didn’t get married and not tell you, its just the easiest way to describe our little domestic situation.

6 months ago, I was browsing pinterest, pinning domestic things in hope of one day using them and boy have they all come in handy. I find myself looking at the house thinking how to do i keep that clean and how in the world do i even try to clean that. Even better, I dont remember boys being so messy :) but I definitely wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I’m spending today washing sheets, experimentally washing pillows and scrubbing my kitchen and bathroom with the beautiful sounds of Pink Floyd filling my home.

And since we all know how random I can be…can we talk about how useful tennis balls are? I originally bought them to stretch out my rubber restaurant approved shoes…now I’m throwing them in the dryer to fluff up my freshly washed pillows…maybe one day we will play tennis with them :)

I guess I should launch into my Kentucky update since I’m here. It has been over a month since I moved. I’m still in the process of adjusting but so far this move has been spectacular. Aside from the obvious drawbacks, moving 6 hours away from my family and friends, I couldn’t be happier. Catlettsburg, the town I actually live in, isnt very unlike East Ridge…no walmart, no mall, tons of gas stations, schools & churches :) But 5 minutes down the road in the slightly bigger town of Ashland, there is the mall, walmart and all the trendy little restaurants [Applebees, Outback & Cheddars etc.] The weather mirrors Chattanooga as well. We either get terrible storms or nothing at all and then some summer rain when least expected. I can say though, unlike in Chattanooga, my allergies don’t act up with every slight change in weather.

As for work, changing jobs was almost culture shock. Logan’s was the only restaurant i had ever worked in and I knew everyone. So moving 6 hours away and changing restaurants and living so close to up north is sooo wierd. Ohio is almost across the street from my house. So everywhere I go, you can hear the southern and the northern accents. People call soda “pop” not just coke, they understand that at every other restaurant people might not serve coca cola and they actually ask whether we serve coke or pepsi. I am no longer in the “deep” south and people comment on my southern accent like its not normal, b/c its not around here. I also went from bartending only to serving in a dining room, its so wierd. Chili’s is a good company to work for though. I’m really starting to get to know my co-workers and I work with a pretty fun crew not to mention an amazing management staff. Overall I’m pretty satisfied in the work department.

And finally, my home life. I love it. We live in a tiny quad-plex with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath in a corner off a main road. We were worried it wasnt big enough. But Ive found that I find it quite the opposite. Its perfect. Living with a significant other is something I havent done in 8 years, so the shopping, cleaning, cooking, being domestic together bit was definitely different. Even more so, having a little one in the house has been an experience in its own. Being the outsider is hard when you are moving in with “daddy.” Surprisingly it wasn’t a hard jump at all. He took it all in stride and treats me like a friend, even lets me help daddy get him snacks, dinner and he’s always on my side when Shaun decides to attack and tickle either of us. Overall, it was an absolute success.

I giggle to myself with every change I notice. Shopping for not just dinner, but for fruit snacks and juice as well; being super excited about going to the park and spending time with both boys, or playing wii with them [even if it is Smurf Dance party :)].

Life is good. I can’t wait to visit my family and friends, but I’m ok up here. More than ok actually. I’m happy.


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