Things I’ve Learned

So after many years, of learning various crafts and faithfully pinning things on Pinterest, learning to cook & bake & different tricks to cleaning, I’m finally putting these things to good use. I’ve had many a conversation about various things with many of my friends so I thought I’d take a minute to elaborate on some of my favorite organizing and “house wife” type things.

#1 Organization. I’ve never been organized but I’ve always tried to be. Although my house is a bit messy, I’m learning to put things where I know I’ll find them and not necessarily where they go. Cleaning agents, for example. I’ve always store bleach in the laundry room, but I use it more in the bathroom, so why not put it there? The same goes for baking soda. Although, I do bake/cook with baking soda, I more often clean with it. I now buy the big baking soda and store it under the sink. Which brings me to #2.

#2 Baking soda. Hands down most versatile product ever! It deodorizes the mattress, keeps the fridge/freezer fresh, helps make amazing chocolate chip cookies and best of all it is an amazing cleaning agent. I learned a lot growing up but never to clean with baking soda. I use baking soda & vinegar in all my drains and I scrub my kitchen sink and my bakeware with it. Love baking soda!!

#3 Coupons & Sales. I tried the couponing thing when it was just me & Chris. We didnt really cook dinner, so it kinda fizzled out. Now that I find myself cooking a bit more regularly and shopping for a significant other & a little one, coupons & sales are my best friend. Even worse, I am definitely that dork who can tell you how much Red Baron pizza is at Wal-mart so when it goes on sale at Kroger I know to double up :). I’m fairly certain Shaun thinks I’m nuts and he gets quite the laugh when he sees me get excited over the Kroger sales ad. Kroger has the best sales ever and its so easy to stock up on stuff that we always eat. I told you all I should have been a house wife :).

#4 DIY. I’ve always been a little artsy fartsy…a little crafty even. But OMG I love making things at home vs buying them. Laundry detergent for example. I got the recipe from Pinterest. I just made my 3rd batch ever. This batch made at least 10 liters of detergent for about $5. And for reference, your average bottle of laundry detergent is about 3 liters. So for $5 I made probably about $20 or more (depending on the brand) of laundry detergent. Even better the stuff is mild enough for Shaun’s sensitive skin and not very perfume-y.

Next we go through fruit & jello cups fast. Its not too sugary and a great snack, so I decided I could make them myself. At regular price, 4 fruit/jello cups cost about $1.75. I can make double that for the same price, even more if the jello or fruit is on sale. Love it.

I really wanna try freezer meals next, but our freezer is really full right now. So I’m still researching and waiting to figure out what to try first. Crockpot meals intrigue me. We use the crockpot for beans or chili, stuff like that. But the thought of taking 1 bag out of the freezer and putting it in a crockpot to cook with basically no attention while I clean and do laundry…omg amazing. I’ll def provide an update when I try it.

Today I found a blog on Pinterest on up-cycling tshirts. Super excited about that. Even better, there is a tutorial on tshirt bags…bc everyone has 15 million of those stupid plastic walmart bags everywhere. I’d love to have some custom tshirt totes for the everyday random crap that needs to be taken here and there.

#5 Drink mixes. We go through tons of gatorade. Both boys are high energy and drink water & gatorade all the time. Not complaining, what 5 year old likes gatorade more than kool-aid. So I buy the canister of powder and have a constant supply of gatorade for soo soo much cheaper.

#6 Lists. Lists & more lists. I make a list for almost everything. To Do. Shopping. Haves vs Dont Haves. Working out. Bills. Blah blah blah. Lists keeps me sane…if thats possible. :)

#7 Google. Google is my best friend. Shaun says, “do you know how to make [insert whatever he’s craving]” I say, “Google does!” I’ve found the easiest and tastiest chocolate chip cookies ever, homemade buttermilk biscuits [which i havent tried yet] & peanut butter fudge [which i’m making today]. I learned how to take apart the dryer when it broke. Now I’m not saying this because I just discovered Google, but google is my go-to guy. Google helped me wash our pillows, remove condiment stains from the laundry and led me to the blog post on how to clean my bakeware.

I love my house-wife duties. Now i’m off to finish washing the comforters and start baking!


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