So I laughed to myself today as I started to vacuum my stairs. It occurred to me that vacuuming my stairs brings back fond memories of my first roommate. She used to laugh at me b/c every time I vacuumed the stairs it was a Saturday night, she said I should be out being my age and not at home acting like I’m old. As we got older together it seemed Saturday nights weren’t as exciting anymore b/c we weren’t 21 and looking for something fun for the night. Even after she moved out, we found ourselves bored on Saturday nights. I remember her finding me at the car wash on a Saturday night while she was driving aimlessly about b/c she was home alone. Those random nights that seemed so trivial, I remember very fondly now and cherish those memories.

With that I got to thinking about all the quirky little things that I picked up from or that remind me of my old roommates. They were each so very very different in their own special ways. My second roommate was beyond quirky even bordering on strange, but I think that’s why we got along, even if it was just for a little bit. I went through the Starbucks drive through not too long ago, in Barboursville WV and before I could look at the guy, I heard his voice and laugh and would have bet money it was Hobbit. As our short conversation turned to an end, I was reminded of the ridiculously dry things Hobbit would say and that strange chuckle of his and I just laughed to myself.

In between roommates 2 & 3 and months before #4, there was our random trip to Scottsboro, AL just to visit the Unclaimed Baggage store. Didn’t realize at the time, that I would live with each of these 3 people, didn’t think 3 drastically different people could get along so well either or have so much fun with all 4 of us packed in a tiny little beetle. We sang and took pictures and acted retarded together. I’ll never forget Hobbit’s “O face” in response to the Blondie he ate at Ruby Tuesdays, or the “I’ll stab you with my fork if you don’t share” face that Ashley was wearing.

Roommate #3 was pretty short lived as life was taking her another direction. But the times we had together were so much fun. Late nights with Tracy & Ashley at Bud’s were like family reunions. And tubing on the Tennessee river was amazing. She was willing to be dumb with me. We aren’t close anymore, but sometimes I def miss her.

If you asked me if I ever thought I’d be living with Chris 5 years ago, my answer would have been “who?” Chris is one of my fav people I met through the Double G. He was a fun roommate and I miss his awkward ass sometimes. I laugh to myself everytime I “pyramid” the soap, b/c I can remember when he explained what that was. [putting the old tiny bar of soap on the new bar of soap like a pyramid, so you dont waste the last piece of the old bar] He was so matter of fact with his explanation and looked at me like “why dont you know this?” Lol. Even better coming home after work to his newest Zombie movie find. That boy had the wierdest taste in Tv shows and movies. But it is thanks to him that I’m addicted to the Big Bang Theory and Fringe. I met a lot of fun quirky people through Chris too, people who are like family to me now. He was the best platonic domestic partner ever!

While we are on the subject of memories, can we talk about how I think everyone truly has a “twin”. Moving 6 hours away from home is weird in itself, but I encounter people everyday that remind me of all my favorites back home. Aside from my memories, everyday I’m reminded of the funny times from Chattanooga and even from Texas. 75% of the people I’ve met in KY & WV relate back or look like someone from Chattanooga or Giddings/LaGrange. It’s so weird but kinda awesome too.

Well thats all i got for now, just thought I’d share my random memories. They say we are but a compilation of all the people we’ve met and that is oh so true. With almost everything I do, everyday, I’m reminded of someone from my past.


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