Triathlon? Sure!

In my ever changing journey to be a healthier & possibly fitter person. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. The problem is that my love for running is fleeting. Even crazier still, for me at least, the thought of participating in a triathlon is even more exciting.

Well a couple weeks ago, Chattanooga announced they would be hosting an Ironman Half Triathlon.  I decided I needed and had to do it. It makes me stupid excited. So I started researching & designing a training plan for me. The Ironman Half is a 1.2mi swim, 50.6mi ride & 13.1mi run.  The best part about this is the number of people who think I’m crazy.  Most of my friends say they would die after & various things like that.  More interesting though is the people who say they wanna do one too or do it with me.

Today is Week 2 Day 5 of my 18 week training plan. I didn’t regret my training when I was running in 23° weather, so I’m pretty confident. Guess we will see what the next 4 months bring. Ha!


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