Operation Avoid the Food Coma

The best & worst part of winter is upon us. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. Also known as the beginning of angry shoppers, rude people, food, food & more food.  Also the hardest time of year to avoid over indulging. A cheat day is one thing, but we are talking about cheat season.

I love to bake & cook & I have been known to give boxes of sweets as gifts. So as I look at my kitchen and decide what I’m baking this season, I can’t help but plan what I will allow myself to eat & where to cut back vs where to indulge. I also am taking into consideration that I’m 3 weeks in to my triathlon training…

So my goal this year is to shed pounds over the season. With a careful plan, I know I can eat a little bit of everything I enjoy and still run my miles.

I guess we will call this a progress report. I’ve been sick & over worked & I’m not far off my training plan. So let’s see what the holidays bring. 

Until next time. Happy holidays to you & yours. Oh & be nice when you’re shopping. Angry shoppers suck.


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