The Struggle

So Operation Avoid Food Coma was half successful. The holidays haven’t completely crushed my eating habits yet. They have however ruined my training schedule. The service industry is brutal during the holidays & it’s very easy to forget how hectic it gets when it’s the off season. 

My body feels beaten & worn down. Of course, that is when I get sick. It feels like a losing battle. I’ve indulged in some sweets & my regular apple consumption has slowed. I realized this week how much that apple a day business really affects my body.

The struggle to eat what I want & still feel healthy is very real. Over the last few years I’ve weeded things out of my diet and it’s been for the better. Most things I don’t miss…like potato chips, I hardly ever eat them anymore &I don’t really miss them. My struggle is with brands. I love pizza &i know how to make healthy pizza. But I love bad pizza…little Caesar’s. I know better but it’s a serious guilty pleasure. I always feel terrible afterwards but in that moment….yea.

These last couple years have been fairly well maintained health wise but I guess I need to start dealing with that struggle. I tell myself I can condition myself to eat right & I’m smart enough to know how. The problem is that psychological conditioning doesn’t work as well when the person knows about Pavlov. No one wants to be a salivating dog…


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