Better Bean Burger

In honor of my 1st meatless week of Lent, I think it only fair to share my delicious homemade version of a veggie/bean burger.  Now with everything I cook, it changes every time but I have made this delicious “burger” 3 times this week & it keeps getting better!

1c mashed black beans*
1/3c oat flour**

Flavor options:  Diced onions, bells, garlic, salsa, jalapenos etc.

Seasoning options: salt, pepper, garlic, onion, chili, cumin, Cajun etc.

Directions: mix flour & mashed beans with whatever combo of flavor you want. Spoon a dollop into pan & cook in your fav oil over medium heat until crisp on one side, flip & flatten into a patty & cook until crisp.

*any beans will work. I’ve used cooked dry beans, canned beans, black, red & pintoes.

**any flour will work as well. I use whatever is closest to the stove :)


I think next time I’m gonna try to make “Bean Balls” even tho that sounds pretty awkward.


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