Crochet Chapter 1

So last December I was chatting with friend Kadie as I admired her crochet stockings, expressing my interest in learning crochet.  At that point I didn’t know if I really wanted to learn or if I was intrigued because it was something I knew nothing about.

That night I was sitting on mom’s couch, after Kadie graciously sent 3 crochet needles home with me, explaining to mom how I LOVE making things by hand.  She was adopted & had 13 siblings & was raised with homemade clothes & stuff so she didn’t understand my desire at all.  So after explaining my love for all things homemade & handmade we ventured to Wal-Mart (at midnight) for yarn.

At this point, I still had no idea whatsoever even how to try to crochet or even how to hold the needle.  God bless my mother & her patience.


After 20 minutes of her trying to explain & laughing at me because I was so confused, she realized she was teaching me right handed & I was trying to understand left handed.


January brought a lot of ugly squares, bad stitches & a not terrible scarf.

This month I’ve become a little more comfortable & made my first infinity scarf & I’m actually proud of it!  I’m ridiculously determined to make a decent hat now.


Happy stitching folks! More to come later!


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