Mainly Meatless?

Probably not.
So I’m 9 days in to this meatless madness.  People keep saying well you can eat fish right?  Yes I can eat fish.  Hell I can eat chicken cow & pig if I want to…but I’m challenging myself to go the whole 40 days without meat.

So now I’m faced with tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a 10 hour day in a restaurant. I’ve been debating on eating fish tomorrow.  I got home at 1am tonight, I’m still awake & I have no delicious meatlessness prepped for tomorrow.

Determination.  I can do this.  People are vegetarians everyday, all over.  I sat & thought about food for 25 minutes before bed tonight.  Do I get up & cook bean burgers? No I’m lazy.  Do I eat salad & beans & rice tomorrow?  No I eat that all the time.  Can I work 10 hours on salads & protein smoothies?  No my team will hate me.

I got it!  Egg salad.  I’m making egg salad before work!

Yes that running commentary of random questions is what goes thru my head regularly.  I might be missing a screw.

Or two.


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