Southwest Spaghetti Squash

If you haven’t eaten spaghetti squash, you are absolutely missing out!  This winter squash is the low carb dieter’s paradise & a wonderful staple in my vegetarian season.

Spaghetti squash looks very similar to spaghetti noodles for a quarter of the calories & carbs plus it’s squash so it has good nutrients in it too!

Today for the rest of the family I made a dorito taco casserole.  Their casserole was layers of black beans, doritos, salsa, ground turkey, shredded cheese & onions.


The version I ate, I married spaghetti squash into the recipe.  I simply subbed the ground turkey for spaghetti squash.  It’s freaking amazing!

The trick was seasoning the squash layer with taco seasoning.  Then I topped the finished product with sour cream & green onions!  Omg, I’m getting good at this :)


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