Riding, really?

So I casually stroll in to Dick’s today.  Thought I’ll look around.  I’ve been pricing bicycles for about 3 months now…kinda have to cycle if you wanna do a triathlon.

I start talking to the guy in their bike shop & they have sales.  I found a women’s Nishiki orig $359 marked down to $219 then 25% off that. What?!  $165.  I had to have it.  $250 later,I have a helmet, 2 yr warranty & a bike for less then the original price of the bike!

Well it won’t fit in my car.  So I buy bungee cords & strap my trunk down with this bike hanging out the back.  Of course, I’m stupid excited to ride.  After a quick nap,  off I go.

I haven’t been on an actual bicycle outside of the gym in probably 17 years…. yea 17 years.  I should’ve went to the park….but noooo I got this….

Nope I sure do not have this.  I live on a main road with a sidewalk a half mile from backroads.  Surely I can get a half mile then turn off the main road.  I about topple over the minute I start riding, multiple times.  Riding a bike is NOT “just like riding a bike”.  I finally get off the main road &I realize I’m struggling bc my seat is too low…I also need to adjust my brakes. 

I feel like an awkward tween with long dangly legs that never learned to ride a bike as a child.

So I made it whopping 2.68 miles today.  I will figure out how to adjust this thing & drive to the park tomorrow then see how far I can ride. Lol.



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