Adult Actually?

Being a seasoned adult is arguably the best & worst thing ever.

I do not consider myself an adult.  I like to stay up late, sleep in.  I hate laundry & doing the dishes.  I despise paying bills & would much rather go play.  Play in the woods, the water, a bouncy castle…almost anything. 

In reality, we have a joint checking account, full time jobs, health insurance, car insurance, a car payment…all we need now is a mortgage…

But being an adult is more than that.  To me its the experience that truly gives you that title.  I can honestly say that I’ve done enough of everything that I can confidently advise people in way too many areas of their lives.

But when in the wee hours of the morning you can say with confidence that growing up is one of the best things that has ever happened, you know you’re there.


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