I believe.


I believe in kindness, people, kindness in people.  I believe that good always wins eventually.  I believe in friendship; in the kind of friendship that trumps blood relations.  I believe in Love, crazy happy with everything, give you goosebumps, forever Love.

I believe in Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy.  I believe that these guys make our childhood happy.  I believe that Santa & the Easter bunny should never stop visiting. I believe that believing in the impossible opens us up to the possible.

I believe that our wanderlust & our desire for the improbable makes us push to achieve the impossible.

I saw Santa today, in Chili’s.  The child deep inside of me got all giggly and I just wanted to hug him.  And I did & he was wonderful & sweet & treated me just like I’d expect him to treat my children.

My co-workers looked at me like I was nuts, but if we can’t get excited about Santa what will be excited about.  I certainly don’t get excited over bills or the money I make to pay them.  None of that matters in the end.

I believe that happiness & kindness & being excited is contagious.  If we are gonna leave the world a better place, the time to spread the happiness is now.

So go out & believe.  Believe that you can change the world.  Santa changed my world today.


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