The Struggles of a Semi-Adult

So being an adult is a subject I struggle with & have recently visited in my writing but I had a moment tonight where I classified myself as a semi-adult.

Short back story…We’re on vacation. By vacation I mean we planned a week around visiting our parents & having fun in our hometown.  We stay at our respective parents homes…he at his & I at mine.  So essentially we are vacationing separately but not…

Anyway so my mom lives in a one bedroom apartment.  So in my semi-adulthood style vacation I’m sleeping on her couch.  I actually love it.  It brings me back to a state of non-adulthood that’s quite blissful.

It is however 2:35 in the morning & I’m awake because I’m a night owl.  So I’m crafting & binge watching Criminal Minds without worrying about my house or my job and then I have to pee.  As I creep quietly into my mom’s pitch black bedroom so I can enter the bathroom & quietly close the door before turning on the light, she rustles & I freeze like a burglar or something.  At this moment I feel like a complete creeper.  I’m sneaking around someone else’s house in the dark, going thru a fridge that’s not mine & ultimately (if I was anyone else) being freaking weird.

I could say this was an eye opening moment but she loves me being here as much as I love it.  It does however reconfirm the thought that being an adult is a state of mind.  I’m essentially an overgrown teenage who has to pay my own bills.

At the end of the day, I absolutely accept the “semi-adult” title.  But that feeling of creepy when I’m sneaking around someone else’s house in the dark…I could do without that.  Who really wants to stay in a hotel tho?!


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