Marshall 1/2 Marathon wk1

And it begins.  I officially spent $70 to run 13.1 miles with a bunch of other nutcases.

I need to do it & want to do it but knew if I didn’t register now I’d never do it.  Better yet now that I’ve spent over a hundred dollars, bc I had to have the marathon jacket, on this 13.1 miles running is top priority.  It’s actually up there with eating bc we all know I eat ALL the time!

What I’m waiting for now is my muscles to stop screaming at me.  Where is the balance between serving & running?  Is it between I’m overweight & too old?  Or maybe it’s up there with why I would torture myself & I got a screw loose?

I started yesterday with walk/run combos.  2.5mi & then I split a 13 table section on a surprisingly busy Monday night.  I woke up sore…but had already agreed to a “running” date this morning.  So we walked & we ran & we did 5 miles.  Then we took the little one to the wave pool tonight where I walked up many stairs to enjoy sliding down the water slides multiple times.

Now I’m sitting on the couch nodding off at 9:30 & I can feel the sore muscles in my ass.  It’s gonna get better. It has to. Lol.


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