Really Run

I think I’ve always been a runner at heart.  I’ve always wanted to run but I never really had the motivation or reason to run.  I tried to run in middle school but it hurt.  I had shin splints and I gave up.  If I had the knowledge back then that I had now…

There was never a coach explaining the things I could do to help the pain, to ease into the runs, to condition my body correctly.  Google just wasn’t as thing.  I couldn’t just research this stuff on the internet or browse for coaches.

I don’t come from a family of health nuts.  I come from a family of quick fixers.  I wanna lose weight but I’m not doing THAT.

So now as an adult in my 30s I struggle.  So yes I signed up for a half marathon.  Why did I do it?  Because I want to run, I really want to run but that crazy 1 track mind dedication is just not stamped in my brain.  But if I pay for something by God I will get my money’s worth.

So as the end of week 1 training is just around the corner, I experienced for the first time running from the heart.  My legs hurt, my chest burned, I was thirsty, I was tired….then I saw my car.  I knew I was almost done.  So I ran & ran hard, it was a moment in my head where the last hour paid off & no matter what my body felt like, it did all 4.5mi, without even thinking of giving in.  And then there was the happiness as every time I run, I slowly shed time off my miles.  And I didn’t feel full of anxiety like normal.  Nothing in the world mattered at that moment.

I am a runner & I can do this.


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