Here we go again.  I’ve experimented with vegetarianism for years. I’ve never been good at it.  My recent visit to Texas made me wanna do it again.  Psychologically you can break yourself of any habit or form a new habit within 14 days so logic tells me I can create a vegetarian lifestyle and never look back.  Experience however tells me it’s not that simple.

 I’ve been on a rollercoaster of strife trying to change the way I was raised to eat and care for my body for 7 or 8 years now. Recently I’ve taken more care of myself mentally more than ever and I’m discovering that for me, mental health is key.  I have a stronger desire now more than ever to make changes that are true to who I really am.

I woke up yesterday and decided to give it another go.  A close friend explained to me that the key to vegetarianism is making GOOD meatless food.  She also explained some helpful tips.  Kale for example needs to be massaged and kneaded to not only bring out it’s flavor but to make it a more enjoyable experience to chew.  So I started there.

Homemade curry hummus wraps with kale, mushrooms and bell peppers.  They were not only delicious but filling too. Even at work, I didn’t find myself in a starving mid afternoon slump.

So today, day 2,  I started the day with eggs and I’m prepping lettuce tacos for tonight.  

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not about the food.  It’s discovering myself and continuing on my journey of happiness.

 “All I can be is me, whoever that is.”   -Bob Dylan


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