Its that time again

So with New Years and my 27th birthday around the corner, its time to start doing what I should have been doing years ago.

I’m not gonna call it a resolution but I definitely need to make some changes.  I’m gonna let go of my anger issues with people.  The people who have been nagging at my nerves made their bed and they have to lie in it;  that’s punishment enough.

I do feel sorry for my roommate however because I need to start eating a lot healthier.  I’ve made changes over the years but not enough.  So here’s to farewells and new beginnings.

Goodbye hydrogenated vegetable oil.  I do believe you were sent from the pits of hell to concieve this so called ‘obesity epidemic’ we’re having.

Oh the beloved Red Bull.  You’ve been a trusty friend and a handy crutch on those days that I just couldn’t get motivated.  But I can do it on my own.

Carbonated beverages you also were sent from the devil.  I’ve almost omitted you from my life.  You are now getting the boot.

And the delightful caffiene.  You can breathe easy for now,  our relationship has a little more time.  But rest assured, you will be next.

My dearest Sweets,  you can stay here still, but you won’t tempt me.  I’ll keep you around for financial benefit only.

To the Rush, my newest friend.  I’ll be seeing you more often, hopefully 1st thing in the morning.

And the very underestimated H2O, you will be my best friend.  You’ve been around since the beginning I’ve just failed to embrace you.

And last but  certainly not least, Camel #9’s.  I love you.  You helped me thru the hardest time in my life.  But relationships are either forever or doomed to end eventually.  I don’t plan on keeping you around for much longer.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

So maybe I’m retarded, but I have to change.  I ran into an old friend today at BiLo and he has inspired change in me.  If he can keep on trucking after losing a leg and not let life get him even a step behind, then I can do anything.

Besides, I’m not getting any younger…30 is just around the corner.


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